Working together we will create a design that looks good and is easy to maintain. The design of your yard is extremely important because of the long lasting nature of our concrete edging. The proper placement of curves and straight areas will provide edging that flows elegantly and functionally through your yard.

     Pricing is based primarily on the number of linear feet extruded. Other factors effecting price are: color, preparedness, sod removal, rock displacement, and in some cases travel distance.     

     Prior to curbing, special care is taken in the preparation of the ground area that will be beneath the curb. Using a sod cutter and shovels, ground compactor and tamper a level solid area is created as the foundation for your curbing. 

     Our concrete is a special "strong" blend that is mixed on-site then extruded in one continuous piece. After extrusion, a uniform finish is troweled onto the surface, drains and walk-throughs are cut, and expansion joints are made. We are diligent in allowing proper curing and protection of your curbing from the elements, including heat, cold and rain.

     Before leaving your yard we clean up the area, we remove excess concrete from the grass and wash down your street and sidewalk. We leave you with beautiful edging and no mess.


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